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Sunday, July 14, 2013



So we are online.


The site is not exactly as we wanted it to be, but this is good enough for a start. We will add more features in the coming days and weeks, such as :

  • UPS shipping
  • Credit Card payment (for now you have to go through paypal)
  • And more artists, such as Eliran Kantor, Paolo Girardi, Ryan Patterson, who are a bit late for one reason or another… And a few other artists that I want to introduce to our world even though they are not from our scene.

So yes, this is a 1.0 version, but I wanted to go live on this day, July 14th, not only because of the symbolic of Bastille Day, but because – I’m just too impatient to see people’s reaction, to see which artist will have the public favor!

However, I am very happy with our starting inventory. Some of the prints are simply stunning, and I am also very pleased with the diversity of genre, technique and style. We have some originals, some extremely large prints, some high price, some low priced… But I am very proud of the current artist selection and we have some of the best our genre has to offer.


I want to say a quick thank you to the people who helped me in setting up the artist list, such as Walter Roadburn, Gordon Conrad, Pip Soret and Erik Jarvis. To Sabiene Goudriaan for finding the name and bearing through my stress. I also want to say an enormous thank you to all the artists who trusted me with their prints, and more especially to Josh Graham, Valnoir, Costin Chioeranu, David Herrerias, Zbigniew M. Bielak and Mike Wholberg, who were the 1st to say yes without even thinking twice, and once I had them on board, helped me convince the others, sent recommendations, and more importantly comforted me into the idea was an project worth bring to light.


Feel free to report any bugs, or if you have any comments, to me directly at


I hope you’ll enjoy the art, browse through everything, discover some artists, and maybe find something worth framing into your office or your living room!!


Michael Berberian, July 14th, 2013