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Seth Siro Anton

Picture for Artist Seth Siro Anton

Born on 24/10/1973 in Greece. His love for art was revealed early, at the age of 8, when he started painting his first portraits and landscapes on small wooden surfaces.

Much later, in 1989, he decided to experiment with music and formed a Metal band called SEPTIC FLESH, along with Christos Antoniou and Sotiris Vagenas.

Yet the urge to bring his inner visual worlds to the light, was also strong. So, in 1990 he entered a private school on DTP, Digital Design and Graphics.One year later, he started taking private lessons on painting, as a student in the Art Workshop of mr. N. Stefos, developing his skills with the purpose of entering the Supreme University of Fine Arts in Athens. Two years later (1993) he succeeded.

He passed the appropriate exams, by gaining one of the top positions among the contestants and was accepted from the Supreme University of Fine Arts in Greece. He decided to initially focus his study in the painting workshop of art, having as a professor the famous Greek painter mr. D. Mytaras. His courses included also photography, scenery and lessons on the perspective of space in art.

During the first 3 years in the university, he earned 3 scholarships. Also, his work kept receiving in the final exams of each study period, awards of Excellency by his professors.

On the 4th year, he focused more on photography, digital processing through computer software (Photoshop, Painter) and mixed techniques.

From 1997 to 2009, he worked as an Art Creative Director in the music magazine METAL HAMMER of Greece.

He also pursued a career as an extreme visual artist, by creating the artwork for many albums of well known metal/ rock bands such as PARADISE LOST, KAMELOT, MOONSPEL,  SOILWORK, OCEANSIZE, EXODUS, HEAVEN SHALL BURN, CALIBAN, CHAOSTAR, FONY, DEAD CAN DANCE TRIBUTE, JOB FOR A COWBOY,DECAIPTATED,VADER  etc.

His art gained popularity, receiving extensive coverage in articles from various magazines as Metro(GR), Dark Inspiration (HONG KONG), Urban Mag ( GR) , Project Mag (GR), Rock Hard(FR), Metal hammer( DE), Phot’Art Mag ( FR),Virus Mag ( DE), Inside Mag (DE)  and many others .


Concerning his career as a musician, he continued working hard with SEPTIC FLESH, recording albums and touring around the world.  Up to now, he has done with his band, 8 European tours and 3 in US-Canada tours.


In 2010 he became a member of the Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece, which is a Legal Person of Public Law, under the regulation of the Ministry of Culture and the National Committee of the International Association of Art/Association Internationale des Arts Plastiques.



  • 2003: UNIVERSITY OF FINE ARTS GALLERY, Group Exhibition, Athens ( Greece)
  • 2006:  VAVEL EXHIBITION GALLERY ,Solo Exhibition Composition and Character, Athens (Greece)
  • 2007: FOTOFESTIVAL OF NAARDEN, Group Exhibition (Holland)
  • 2007:  LES ABATTOIRS GALLERY, Solo Exhibition Photography, Riom (France)
  • 2008:  SCREAMING HORROR FESTIVAL, Group Exhibition Gagarin Club, Athens (Greece)
  • 2008: LA VILLE DE CLERMONT FERRAND-STENOPE, Solo Exhibition Photography ( France)
  • 2009:  SOUTERRAIN PORTE V, Group Exhibition (H.R. GIGER (CH/Suisse) Bruce D. Mitchell (US)
  • Viktor Koen (US) BEB DEUM (F) Seth Siro Anton (GRC) Jean-Pierre Vaufrey (CH), Nancy (France)
  • 2010: GALERIE D’ART CONTEMPORAIN ALAIN ROUZE  ( with John Haley, Patrice Hubert, Benalo), Nantes (France)
  • 2011: SOUTERRAIN PORTE VI ''Heroes" Group Exhibition, Nancy France
  • 2011: LES TROIS BAUDETS, Group Exhibition '' The Bonfire of the Vanity'' (Bastien Lecouffe Deharme, Patrice "Pit" Hubert, Amaury Grisel, Andy Julia, Akiza, Jérôme Sevrette, Alyz Tale, Eric Keller
  • 2012: LES TROIS BAUDETS, Group Exhibition ''The Figure of the Monster''  (Olivier de Sagazan, Eric Lacombe), Paris (France).
  • 2012: INFERNO FESTIVAL SWISS GALLERY, Solo Exhibition Lausanne (Switzerland)
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