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Ryan Patterson

Picture for Artist Ryan Patterson

RYAN PATTERSON is a graphic designer and visual artist from Louisville, Kentucky, known for his dense, instantly recognizable collage-based artwork.

Patterson utilizes digital and physical tools to create hypnotic imagery with a proclivity for symmetry and a fixation on the dark and mysterious aspects of popular culture. Inspired equally by the cut-n-paste, photocopied aesthetic of early punk/hardcore and the cluttered kitsch of '60s and '70s exploitation film posters, Patterson blends elements of both in his work.

Patterson is perhaps most recognized for his role as the founding member of the band Coliseum, where, in addition to his position as singer, guitarist and songwriter, he is responsible for the band’s acclaimed album and t-shirt art. He has designed countless records and shirts for bands across the globe, including Avail, Tim Barry, Converge, Doomriders, The Exploding Hearts, From Ashes Rise, Kylesa, Mono, Red Sparowes, Russian Circles, Torche, Trap Them, Victims, and Young Widows, among many others. Patterson is also a member of the bands Black God and Whips/Chains.

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