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Nestor Avalos

Picture for Artist Nestor Avalos

Within the world of art I was influenced by sensational images from magazines articles, occultist, periodic reading of mythological histories, cartoon characters, such as horror films, real contact and development as an artist came when the loneliness arrived at my door, a time of personal state isolation to human contact to a real encounter emotional and spiritual inner dissipated, where a series of questions get materialized challenging my personal integrity. A painful purification process.

During this entire time course of the creative factor, was steady but never disappeared, lay under the shadow of personal zeal, quantity of works to be exhibited and screaming out of the shadows. Through a series of people including the great Michael W. Ford giving me the opportunity to participate in two of his works as an illustrator Dragon of the Two Flames – and  - Shadows o Azathoth , as well  contributed  in the first Number of the Pillar Periodical Journal of ANATHEMA under the dark vision of Gabriel McCaughry, A manifestation in Qliphoth  Journal Vol. II an esoteric publication in charge of  Edgar Kerval, apparition in the sites Cvlt Nation and Heavy Metal Artwork, also many great bands gave me the chance to collaborate creating or sharing art for their projects.

And I would give special thanks to all the great people who support my art and my person as well, giving me  a hand to keep myself growing up in the left hand path and all the aspects of my life, I’m deeply  grateful. -  A.M.S.G.


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