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Josh Graham

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Born in Denver [1974]. Raised in Phoenix. Lived in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and currently New York.

Josh Graham is a visual artist and composer. He is also currently exhibited at the Robert Berman Gallery in Santa Monica, and moves into the early part of 2013 with new works on the horizon, branching out of the printed image and into the physical installation.

Graham's work -- up to and including musical set pieces with any number of his earth moving bands, from a past with Red Sparowes to a present with A Storm of Light -- addresses with no uncertain focus the inescapable slide of time in passages significant and singular where the fleeting nature of the illusion of permanence and its ruin are nothing if not inevitable. In print/altered photographic mnemonics, visual installation, and sculpture, Graham pursues an obsession with light, dark, shadow space and natural forms.

Large formats [6 feet plus] on aluminum dominate [with wolf sculptures redolent of his ground-breaking work with musical confrontationalists Neurosis abounding], and round out an expansive body of work that is, in micro and macro, about nothing if not the emphasis on form, structure, discipline and their eventual loss. Using found objects, digital manipulations and video/audio installations, Graham's work presages a near eschatological understanding of life cycle and being.

 His work is seen in a variety of different arenas, from galleries to concert venues, cd/record covers to apparel, from film to television. In various capacities, he has worked with bands including, Soundgarden, Neurosis, Shrinebuilder, Jesu, Nadja, Underoath, Sunn, Mastodon, Saves the Day, Jurassic 5, No Doubt, Madonna; and companies including Scion, Showtime, EA Games, Discovery, Time Warner, A&E, Nike, TNT, IBM, ABC, PBS, NBC Sports, Wieden Kennedy Tokyo, Girl Skateboards, etc. Eugene Robinson


Solo Exhibition

  • 06/2011 The River of Time: E6 Gallery, San Francisco

 Group Exhibitions

  • 12/2011 Devil Town: Gallery 1988, Los Angeles, CA
  • 09/2011 7 Sins: Aktion Gallery, Philadelphia PA
  • 07/2010 Anagnorisis Fine Arts: Angelic Possession (guest artist); New York, NY
  • 06/2010 Installation Six: Eastern District, Brooklyn NY
  • 05/2010 Voices in the Bardo: Shadow's Space, Philadelphia PA
  • 05/2010 Installation Six: Pink Hobo Gallery, Minneapolis MN
  • 03/2010 Installation Six: Tangent Lab, Wichita KS
  • 02/2010 Installation Six: Okay Mountain, Austin TX
  • 01/2010 Installation Six: Scion Installation LA, Los Angeles CA
  • 09/2008 Catalyst: Gallery Fifty 24, San Francisco, CA

Visual Installation Performances

  • 2000 - 2012: Neurosis: Concert Visuals, 60+ performances worldwide
  • 2008 - Present: A Storm of Light: Concert Visuals, 150+ performances worldwide

Selected Bibliography

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  • 03/2008 Brooklyn Vegan: An Interview with Josh Graham


  • 10/2010 Latvian Academy of Culture: Riga, Lativa


  • Available upon request.
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