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Jimbob Isaac

Picture for Artist Jimbob Isaac

With a thirst for fine lines and weird tales, Isaac’s detailed illustrations explore rock mythology, skewed animalia and transmogrified nether worlds. As a heavy-metal-teen in the early nineties, Jimbob absorbed comic books, gig posters and rock album art. While falling in love with Alphonse Mucha and beginning to play in his first and long-running band, Taint. Isaac’s earlier steps in vector based design have given way to full time drawing, and since 2009 he’s committed himself to the mighty pen.

As well as numerous commissions from bands, Jimbob has exhibited in group shows at Bristol’s Weapon Of Choice gallery, and contributed to the Life And Death In Black And white show, along side Jake Bannon, Away, Jerry Beck, Randy Ortiz, Arik Roper and Justin Bartlett. Expanding beyond his pen/tablet, Jimbob has broadened his rendering methods into the analogue domain, with unique pen and ink pieces, coloured digitally and soon, further into traditional media.

Jimbob now lives and works in Swansea, Uk.

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