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Erik Danielsson

Picture for Artist Erik Danielsson

"Erik Danielsson is known to most for his work in Swedish Black Metal band Watain. But besides being the creative force behind Watains graphical universe, he has for the past 15 years also worked as a designer and artist for bands such as Dissection, The Devil's Blood, Ghost, Entombed, Dismember, and many more, under the monicker of Trident Arts.
With his work he seeks to reinstall the glory of a time when things were made by hands trembling with both passion and eagerness. Employing techniques such as cut and paste collage, xerox machines, halftone patterns, rub on letters, toxic colors, grit and misalignment, his body of work is a cry for cultural atavism and a studded fist in the face of the modern age."

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Picture by Ester Segarra

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