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Chris Moyen

Picture for Artist Chris Moyen

If you look back with longing to the early days of cut and paste fanzines, if you think computer graphics took all the edge off metal artworks, if you can’t tolerate anything else than pure darkness and blasphemy on your T-shirts, then you’re probably familiar with Chris Moyen’s ThornCross. A pioneer of pen and ink Metal art, French illustrator Chris Moyen has been a master of his trade since the late eighties, and a regular architect of ungodly visions for such highly-respected underground bands as ABSU, ARCHGOAT, BEHERIT, BLACK WITCHERY, BLASPHEMY, COFFINS, CORPSEFUCKING ART, DEMONCY, DISMEMBER, FUNEBRARUM, INCANTATION, MORBOSIDAD, MORTICIAN, MUTILATED, POSSESSED, NECROMANTIA, SABBAT, SATHANAS, SINISTER, TEITANBLOOD, VITAL REMAINS, ZEMIAL and many, many others.

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