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Picture for Artist Antithesis

Antithesis is the art director and mind behind Cold Poison, a graphic design studio from México City founded in 2008. 

 Librarian by profession,  graphic designer & illustrator by conviction, Antithesis is always eager to learn new techniques that he can apply to his works, he explored already several techniques from color pencils, graphite, oleo, chalks to engraving and  etching, and even blood painting.

 Antithesis has worked with several musical acts as Andramelech, Acherontas, Nightbringer, Dodsengel, Crimson Moon, Black Hate, Ofermod, Odem, Flagellant, Animus Mortis as well important extreme labels like W.T.C, Obscure Abhorrence, None Shall Defy, Genocide Aesthetics, Self Mutilation Services, Daemon Worship, etc.

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