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Picture for Artist AMMO

AMMO was born in 1982 in the  south of France. He now lives, works and goes to gigs in Brussels, Belgium.

He grew up in the country side in a family of artists, so he was always drawn to drawing and illustration.
His visual world is inspired from the old engraving work of the XVlll/XlX century, and turn of the century old american handmade typography.

He has a passion for Rock n'Roll but, being unable to hold a guitar, he decided to draw for bands and extreme music gig venues instead.
He has worked with numerous bands, such as Unsane, Isis, Keelhaul, The Devil's Blood, Swans, Saint Vitus, Weedeater, Zoroaster, Cortez, Barn Burner Aguirre, Bad luck rides on wheels, Jack and the bearded fishermen...

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