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Adrien Bousson

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My work is based on a lot of differents thematics, but two of them come back really more often: the vastness and the body.


The body... This unlikely, complex machine which mutates, vibrates, deteriorates, rots. The body, this organic translator of emotions. The one who expresses feelings in a concrete and visual way, the emotions, confined in the meander of the soul. When they escape, the inside contaminates the outside, and the body translates it in a visual, tangible language.


My work tries to account for the organic translation of certain feelings, the ones words can't express anymore... Then the body takes over. And expresses. The incomprehension, the saturation, the desolation, the pain, facing a world it doesn't understand anymore, facing this other, that is himself, that it doesn't understand either. Lost in a world which saturates on all sides. Saturates with a violence so extreme, absurd, disembodied, ordinary... A violence which doesn't cause anything but emptiness, incomprehension. Incomprehension with a huge capital I.


Here flesh is pale, cold, sad, ripped to pieces, cut in a surgical, unreal way, It's not wounds inflicted by material accidents, but the result of this incomprehension, its representation. The atmosphere is ghostly, sterile, empty from every form of life. Whereas flesh splits up, escapes, tears, comes apart, flourishes, spreads . Splits up, destructures, tirelessly...


The other part of my work stages a world out of time, where vastness reigns as an absolute master. A world of wanderings, in timeless ruins, in mineral landscapes scattered with edifices which we don't  know by who built them, or what they mean. A world of mist, silence, passages to places always unknown. Some unknown to discover, explore, to contemplate, to be lost, to dream...


I have been working for several years at the graphic desk of the Season of Mist record company. Work which gave me the possibility to create artworks for bands like Saint Vitus ('Lillie F-65', 'Blessed Night'), Tsjuder ('Legion Helvete' - vinyl version), Khonsu ('Anomalia'), Rotting Christ ('Kata Ton Daimona Eaytoy' - everything but the cover), Eternal Gray ('Your Gods, My Enemies'), Rage Nucléaire ('Unrelenting Fucking Hatred'). I've done layouts for bands like Septicflesh ('Esoptron',  'Mystic Places of Dawn' reissues) Nightbringer ('Hierophany of the Open Grave'), Terrorizer (Hordes of Zombies')... Besides Season of Mist, I had the chance to work for The Berzerker ('Animosity',- Earache Records - 'The Reawakening', The Berzerker Industries), Necroverdose ('Off' - Great Dane Records). Before, I mainly worked in the comic book domain and I had published a couple of albums.


The program for the years to come stays the same: to dream, to wander, to explore, to create. Create, and create again...

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